Your talent is your best collateral!

Do what you love, pay what you can. We help you reach your full potential.

How it works

At Lumni, we do things differently. First and foremost, our goal is to help you succeed in college and in your career. To do that, we help you pay for college in a manageable way, provide assistance for you while you are there, and help support you once you graduate.

Students agree to pay the financing after graduating by paying a fixed share of their salary for a set period of time.


Income Share Agreements (ISA)

Lumni does not provide loans. Instead, we provide a viable alternative to financing your education.

Lumni funding is not a loan

Instead of a loan, where you have to pay back the amount you owe plus interest, at Lumni you pay back a fixed % of your paycheck for a set period of time.

We do not require a collateral

We evaluate you based on your potential to succeed in college and your career, not on your current financial assets.

We offer college & career help

Funding your education is just the beginning. We help you achieve your college and career goals by offering a host of additional support services.

You don’t pay anything until you graduate

Repayment doesn’t begin until you get your first job after graduation.
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